I feel as if I've been everywhere in the past few weeks. We went to Montreal a couple of weeks ago for a wedding by car and before the end of the drive back I was already sick of riding, so of course we took an even longer trip the following weekend. We headed out on a 14-hour drive (including the pitstops) to nearly Thunder Bay to visit Logan's grandfather. This one seemed more bearable, but I think it was because we were better prepared with all sorts of books, sleep aids, and activities to keep us busy.

I was surprised to see how far along the drive we kept reception, but where we were staying and everywhere else we went within the week we spent up there had absolutely no mobile service and no 3G. It was a bit of a shock, since we are all accustomed to living with the internet at our fingertips and in our pockets, everywhere except while we ride the subway. However, I found slight relief in being unplugged for once. I got a decent amount of reading done and we spent some time enjoying the summer in the lake. I found it a little funny that the people who built the little town and live there decided to live so far from anywhere else, but still right on the highway so you can hear every transport truck that passes, but you can see so many stars up there, which was perfect because the Perseid meteor shower happened while we were up there.

Then it was another 14-hour drive before we were back in my hometown at our parents' houses for the night before departing for cottage country to attend my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was a little too cold to go to the beach while we were up there. We finally got back to our place in Toronto late Sunday night, and now I've got all sorts of email and Etsy and shipping to catch up on.

What we did do on Monday night was move all the furniture around in our apartment. Over the past several weeks I've been feeling increasingly like my studio area wasn't large enough. Our second "bedroom" has been our studio/office since we moved in and when I was working in there with my sewing machine, serger, laptop, and iron all going-- not to mention the table-space I needed for cutting things out-- it was quite a squeeze. Then add Logan at the desk with his computer set up, it was pretty uncomfortable. We decided to move the studio into our [bigger] bedroom and our bedroom into the studio, After all, we don't need much space to sleep!

Now I feel as if I'm trying to grasp as much of the end of the summer as I can.

At the end of last summer I spent a few beautiful days on Toronto Island and I promised myself I would spend a lot more time there this summer, but now I find that August is practically over and I haven't gone there once, not even for the Toronto Cosplay Picnic, which I missed this year for the second time in the nine years it has been running. (The other was for a wedding, and I was hoping the picnic would be rained out and moved.) Today, while I was trying to get some sewing done, I decided to move my sewing machine out on to my balcony so that I could both get work done and enjoy the warm weather.

My impromptu studio overlooking downtown Toronto from the 26th floor.

It seemed like a good idea for a while and then the wind picked up a little and one of the Vegeta masks I was working on got carried away. I watched it float to the ground near the dumpster outside my building. At least I hadn't gotten far on it. Logan offered to go look for it and bring it back for me, but I wouldn't be comfortable sending something that fell on the street to a stranger, especially to put it on their face. I kept better leverage on the rest of my light materials for the remainder of the time I spent out there. I had to stop when it got dark because I still haven't gotten my sewing machine a new lightbulb.

I'll need to finish those tomorrow evening so they can all be sent off to where they're going on Thursday. I'll have I think nine packages to go out.

I like summer and lakes and stars and clouds and trees, and I always dread Canadian winter and how depressing it is. But I'm back and the best I can do once winter comes is keep myself busy and bundled up so it can't get me down.

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