June 6: 4/30 - Eggs Bageldict

On my way home from work today I decided I felt like eating Eggs Benedict, so I decided to try to make it. With nearly the last of my phone battery, I googled a recipe so I could grab the proper ingredients at the grocery store. Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, butter, and white pepper were what I didn't have, but I only got the first two, since I had margarine and black pepper at home.

When I cook, I tend to make a lot of stuff up as I go. For instance, I don't have utensils to measure "teaspoon" or "tablespoon" so those measurements are always haphazardly guessed. I don't have a microwave, so I often make a makeshift double-boiler to heat stuff up by boiling a pot of water and putting a dish on top.

This is what I ended up with for supper: Vegetarian eggs bageldict

Two poached eggs on a poppyseed bagel with cream cheese, sliced tomato, sliced avocado, and Hollandaise sauce.

I'd never poached eggs before so that looked like this:

It looks like it would fit better with yesterday's cloud theme. (As would the next part.)

Then with the leftover egg whites from the Hollandaise sauce, I made meringue because why not? I put it on top of a loaf cake thing I grabbed at the grocery store.

Lemon-Rasberry Meringue loaf cake. Hopefully it is good. I haven't eaten this yet.

Now I have a giant mess I need to clean up, because I am incredibly talented at making messes.

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