Corsets and Cointreau

So prewashing didn't work out the way I had intended. I got everything together to bring it down to the laundry room on Friday night and when I got there, there was a fantastic sign telling me that the laundry room in my building is closed until further notice. It being the Friday of a holiday weekend, I knew that that meant it would not be open until at least Tuesday. Luckily, Logan was going to visit his parents on Sunday afternoon so he took my fabric and got it washed there. Now it is finally back and I can do cosplay.

In the meantime, I did some drafting. I used the pattern from the corset I made in Corsetry class and modified it to be the shape of Rapunzel's. I then cut out two layers of twill to be the base of the corset since I don't want boning channels to show on the outside anyways. I sewed the double twill pieces down the seam lines and sewed the channeling for the bones and put all the extra stitching in the side panel (I don't remember what to call it right now but, as you can see, my martini glass is empty so I get to forget something.)

Here are all my corset panels, and a pile of self fabric ready to be attached. Don't drink and draft.

I also mostly drafted the skirt today.

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