Hylian Prototype

Over the past week I've been working on a few things. I finished my first prototype of the Hylian Shield backpack I am going to sell at Anime North.

There were a few of problems I had in the construction. I realized as I was sewing the side panel of the bag onto the back face that I had somehow drafted the zipper panel too short. In itself, that isn't too big of a deal as the zipper is still long enough to give the bag a large opening, but the fact that I already bought the zippers at the shorter length means that I have to account for the mistake somewhere else. Since I had already cut out the bottom panels in the canvas and interfacing and I had them mostly constructed, I decided to cut out the extra length I would need out of the brown canvas and attach it between the zipper panel and the bottom panel at both ends sans interfacing. The structural integrity of the bag is still alright though. I extended the bottom pattern piece for the rest of the bags I make.

I also found that the original straps I drafted are too short. They are an alright length for someone my size to wear but don't allow for much adjustment and would probably not be comfortable on someone with substantial shoulders. I've made the pattern piece 3 inches longer now.

I didn't like how the zipper pocket in the inside turned out in the prototype. The zippers I bought are too thin to make the zipper look nice on the right side without any extra bits added. I bought some brown bias tape so that I could just add some seam allowance but then I decided it would be nicer just to make a welt that covers the zipper. Overall I'm pretty happy with what I came up with. Now I just have to make it like 15 times, and make some other items I can sell too.

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