One Day Remains

I've been working away at cosplay for the past few days. I decided to put an double layer of the pink self fabric on the outside of the corset because I could see a tiny difference in colour because of the black underlining. On Tuesday I put the corset all together and figured out the straps. Logan cut my spiral steel boning for me with the limited tools that I have and I put it all in its proper channeling.

Yesterday, I ended up off work again, which was very much appreciated. I took my in-progress corset to Leathertown to have the grommets installed and picked up a few things I still needed: pink cording, bias tape, straight steel boning. I ended up having to go to Neveren's for the boning, which I don't like to do unless i absolutely have to. They charged me $4.50/yd, so I didn't feel bad asking them to cut all the proper bone lengths I needed. Less work for me later on.

The puff sleeves took me basically the rest of the day to do. I've been really lazy about pattern drafting when I make things for myself lately. I never feel like doing anything properly, so I end up taking a roundabout way of  figuring out what I need to do. All of my patterns are messy and I need to fudge everything to make it work. In the end, it takes me way longer to make whatever it is that I need to do. I spent the morning on a few failed attempts at sleeves, and then when I came back from Queen St. W. in the afternoon I started a different approach. I used one of the sleeve grades I still have laying around from third year and slashing and spreading, top-stitching the stripes on, adding a facing, created the puff you see below. I'm pretty happy with how it looks, but it severely restricts my range of motion. 

Today, when I got home I started on the t-shirt underneath. I traced a v-neck I already have and modified the neckline and length. Then I added the elastic lace trim and that is done.

What do I have left? I haven't done anything with the skirt save for draft the front. Hopefully it pulls together without a hitch. Then the rest is handsewing, which I'm not too worried about, as I have a busy day of waiting in lines and sitting at a table tomorrow. Luckily Rapunzel doesn't wear many accessories.

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